__   Think with Google, KSA 2015

'Think with Google' was an event that took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in December 2015 and the organizers were looking for a video that highlighted the practicality and benefit of Google to present at the event.


Dubai based production house CollectiveBKP asked me to create and edit a film that illustrated the importance that Google played in the lives of a Saudi couple that were raising a child by providing answers to common parenting challenges.

What I did

Motion graphics, Content Creation


google middle east


Collective bkp

Omar Hussein is a Saudi comedian who found his stage on YouTube and gained popularity in KSA. Omar was Guest at the event [Think with Google] speaking about the beginning of YouTube, success and its strong presence in Middle east and Saudi. A video Backdrop was created with the team @collectivebkp for Omar's speech at the event Think with Google.